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Connecticut Lawyers Recover for Your Child’s Playground Injuries

Helping your family through a difficult time

When you send your children to school or take them to a daycare center, you reasonably expect them to be safe and supervised at all times. Likewise, you expect the equipment in a city park or in a restaurant’s play area to be well maintained and safe for your children to use. Unfortunately, your children are placed at risk of serious injuries whenever they enter a playground. In fact, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that more than 200,000 children under the age of 15 are injured every year in the United States in playground-related incidents.

Drawing on our lawyers’ more than 65 years of experience, The Pickel Law Firm, LLC assists families in Norwalk and Stamford and throughout Connecticut to recover compensation from negligent individuals, corporations, school districts and city governments. We know that watching your child suffer is heartbreaking and that you want to do all you can to help ease the pain and speed recovery. Our attorneys make your child’s wellbeing a priority as well.

Protecting your children from risk of playground injuries

According to the CDC, approximately 45 percent of playground-related injuries are severe, such as fractures, internal injuries, concussions, dislocations, amputations, spinal injuries and neck and back injuries. Our lawyers pursue maximum compensation if your child has sustained a personal injury in a Connecticut playground accident because of the following:

  • Unreasonably dangerous or defective playground equipment — due to design flaws, manufacturing defects or mistakes made during installation
  • Poor equipment maintenance — by property owners, schools, camps, municipalities, fast food restaurants or others who maintain playground areas
  • Inadequate supervision — at schools, day care centers, pools, camps and other childcare entities and recreational programs that have a duty to properly supervise children when using playground equipment
  • Negligent security — involves assaults made possible because of insufficient security precautions, poor lighting or other inadequate safety measures taken by property owners
  • Attractive nuisance — occurs when access to a pool area or other dangerous areas is not properly restricted, resulting in children’s accidents

Do not assume the defendants and their insurance companies will deal with you on a good faith basis. Their goal is simply to maximize profit by settling the case as quickly and as cheaply as possible, and preferably for far less than what your child may actually be entitled to.  Before agreeing to an offer, discuss your case at a free consultation with The Pickel Law Firm, LLC.

To help your child recover for a playground accident, let our attorneys guide you through the process

For more information about playground injuries and your child’s rights, call The Pickel Law Firm, LLC at 888.246.5128 or contact us online to schedule your free initial consultation. Our attorneys handle our personal injury claims on contingency. If your child’s injury prevents you from travelling to our Stamford office, we can visit you in your home or hospital. Hablamos español.


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