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Connecticut Prenuptial Agreements Lawyer

Insuring your marriage

You insure your home, your vehicles, your health and your life. Why wouldn’t you insure your marriage?

At The Pickel Law Firm, LLC, we can help you produce a prenuptial agreement that will secure your property, inheritance and assets in a way that is fair to you and your future spouse.

We realize that prenuptial agreements can be a tricky topic for couples who are supposed to be enjoying one of the happiest events of their relationship. But, these agreements are not guarantees that you will ever get divorced. They are simply a marriage contract that protects you if the worst happens.

Guarantee your future

Buying health insurance isn’t a guarantee you will get sick. It’s a guarantee that your bills will get paid if you get sick. Prenuptial agreements work the same way.

We work hard to be delicate, discreet and sympathetic when helping you craft your agreement, and we approach it in a fair and respectful manner. Along with creating a document that protects your existing property and assets, we can address your partner’s concerns and build in protections for him or her as well.

Some of the key issues we address are the following:

  • What will happen to our assets?
  • What will happen to any inheritances we each receive from our families?
  • What will happen to our retirement assets?
  • How will we share income?
  • How will we acquire and hold assets?
  • What will happen if we decide to have children?
  • What will be our respective alimony and child support obligations in the event of divorce?

Enforceability is a key idea in creating prenuptial agreements. These documents don’t just have to be fair at the time they are drafted; they have to stand up to review when they are enforced. We use our experience to assist you in making sure your agreement is fair and will have the best chance of being held up in Court in the event of your divorce.

Protection against unfair agreements

Along with being able to help you draft a prenuptial agreement, we can also assist you during a divorce if an agreement drawn up by another attorney at the start of your marriage should not be enforced. The lawyers of The Pickel Law Firm have many years of experience working with prenuptial agreements. We have seen agreements that seem fair at the time they are signed prove to be deemed unenforceable later.

A prenuptial agreement is required to be reasonable and fair. When these documents fail those criteria, we can help you litigate against them. Contact us today to put our reputation for success to work for you.


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