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Needs and situations change. People grow apart. Relationships end, amicably or not. This is the reality for roughly half of all marriages and an even larger percentage of non-marital adult relationships. But when there are children who will be affected by a breakup, breaking up becomes a much more delicate process.

As a client of The Pickel Law Firm, in Stamford, Connecticut, you will receive effective legal advice and representation from lawyers who have many years of experience protecting the parental rights of both mothers and fathers, married and unmarried alike. Above all, we are sensitive to the fact that an active, meaningful role in your child’s future is not something that either you or your child can do without.

As part of this practice …

  • We help parents secure legal custody and the right to make important decisions about their children’s upbringing.
  • We help unmarried fathers assert parental custody rights and, if necessary, establish those rights through the use of paternity testing and family courts.
  • We help unmarried mothers obtain paternity tests for purposes of child support.
  • We help parents obtain custody and visitation rights.
  • We help parents enforce custody, visitation and support orders, obtain post-divorce modifications and challenge proposed modifications as well.

Child Custody Mediation: In general, no one benefits from a courtroom battle over custody, least of all the children. We help our clients resolve disputes through alternative dispute resolution techniques, such as mediation or collaborative law, whenever reasonably possible and appropriate.

Your rights as a father

Fathers are just as important to their children as mothers are. The law recognizes that children benefit from having a healthy relationship with each of their parents as well. In practice, however, fathers may still have to overcome biases associated with the traditional idea that mothers are automatically the better and more important parent.

We know how to overcome bias against fathers and are prepared for it. We also work to help you by making ourselves accessible, by responding promptly to your questions and concerns, and by keeping you fully informed and involved as the case moves forward. Our legal approach is aggressive and designed to protect both your rights and the future that you will share with your children.

Because experience matters

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