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The attorneys at The Pickel Law Firm have been handling divorce and custody cases in the area of family law representation for the people of Connecticut since 1990. We are a client-focused firm with the resources and experience to handle cases of all sizes, offering the results and counsel that our high-asset clients demand from a lawyer.

Our managing lawyer, Alan Scott Pickel, has been recognized as a Special Master at the Regional Family Law Custody Docket in Middletown as well as a Special Master for the Family Courts in Stamford and Bridgeport.

The Pickel Law Firm, LLC will guide you through every step of your family law dispute. Call us today to speak to someone!

Through divorce and family issues: guiding, advising and representing you

Our attorneys offer divorce planning services that prepare you before the first paper is filed. From document security, to temporary custody, to property and income protection, we can guide you through every step of the divorce process to make sure your interests, assets and rights are protected each step of the way.

We strive to negotiate an amicable resolution if reasonably possible, but are equipped to fight tooth-and-nail for everything to which you are entitled, whether you are at the end of your marriage, or you want to protect your property with a prenuptial agreement before your marriage has begun. Attorney Alan Scott Pickel has 25 years of family law experience to put at your disposal.

An equitable division of property

Our key concern in property division is protecting your future. A settlement or judgment isn’t good enough if it only works for now; it needs to work for the future too.

The court addresses numerous factors in deciding property division, including:

  • Length of marriage
  • Age of the parties
  • Cause of marital breakdown
  • Each party’s employability
  • The estate of each of the parties
  • Liabilities
  • Amount and sources of income

Alimony and child support lawyers

Depending upon your family’s income, the state of Connecticut has relatively fixed guidelines that determine who will pay child support and how much. For other families that have income exceeding the limitations set forth in the guidelines, the Court has discretion in making child support orders. This is where our experience comes into play. Whether you are the recipient or the payer, we will fight to ensure that you get the best result possible.

There are no set guidelines for alimony or spousal support. There are many factors that the Courts consider in determining both the amount and duration of alimony. Some of these factors include income, earning capacity, expenses, age, health, and employability. Whether you are the recipient or payer, we will fight to ensure that you get the best result possible.

We know what the court will likely decide early on, and we use that to our advantage in negotiation and during trial.

Protecting your parental rights

Along with matters of child custody, we work with people negotiating visitation schedules or seeking modifications. We know from experience that the court has one overriding mandate, which is to seek out the solution that is best for the children.

The courts of today are nothing like the movies and there is no standard visitation schedule. Every other weekends are, for many parents, a thing of the past, and the strong belief is that a rich and stable relationship with both parents is almost without exception what is best for the kids. Unfortunately, however, sometimes one parent is behaving in a manner that is not in the best interests of the children or is using the children as pawns to hurt the other spouse. In those cases, we take all steps necessary to protect your children from harm.

An experienced family law attorney

The Pickel Law Firm is an experienced and qualified law firm equipped to provide exceptional representation for clients with significant needs concerning divorce matters.

Contact us today to put our resources, our experience and our reputation to work for you!


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