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Stamford, CT Car Accident Attorneys Advocate for Injured Residents

Learn about the types of frequent accidents in Stamford and all of Connecticut

The Pickel Law Firm, LLC effectively represents people injured in all types of accidents in our Connecticut communities. Based in Stamford, our lawyers have more than 65 years of experience handling commercial truck, car, motorcycle, bicycle and pedestrian accidents.

Experts help us build your case

Our attorneys have developed useful professional relationships with experts in the Stamford community and throughout the state of Connecticut who assist us in gathering crucial evidence and building a solid claim. We consult professionals in your case preparation and call upon them to testify as expert witnesses. Depending on the type of accident you had, our auto accident lawyers may consult:

  • Private investigators — interview key witnesses and photograph the scene of the accident
  • Engineers — assess dangerous roadway conditions in highway accidents and intersection collisions
  • Accident reconstructionists — demonstrate the effects of rear-end, side-impact, rollover and high-speed accidents
  • Medical doctors — evaluate you for such serious injuries as whiplash, spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain injuries
  • Auto mechanics — not only provide important property damage estimates, but also add credence to the level and nature of your injuries
  • Economists, actuaries and financial advisers — calculate damage awards for lost wages, diminished earning capacity, disability and loss of enjoyment of life

Rates of accidents in Connecticut

The Connecticut Department of Transportation reports vital statistics submitted by police agencies investigating automobile accidents throughout the state. According to the 2008 data:

  • 153,677 automobile accidents occurred
  • 144,66 single-tire trucks, 2,832 dual-tire trucks and 2,466 tractor-trailers were involved in truck accidents
  • 1,623 motorcycle accidents happened
  • 848 school buses and 640 commercial buses crashed
  • 124 crashes involved construction or farm equipment

Top 12 contributing factors in CT accidents

The 2008 report issued by the Connecticut Department of Transportation describes the causes of accidents in the state. The top 12 contributing factors are the driver:

  • Followed another driver too closely
  • Failed to grant right of way
  • Lost control of the vehicle
  • Was speeding too fast for conditions
  • Made an improper lane change
  • Violated traffic controls
  • Backed up unsafely
  • Encountered an animal or foreign object in the road
  • Engaged in an improper passing maneuver
  • Drove onto a slippery surface
  • Was under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Fell asleep at the wheel

To get the help you need for any type of automobile accident, consult with our Stamford firm

For assistance with all types of motor vehicle crashes, call The Pickel Law Firm, LLC at 888.246.5128 or contact us online to schedule your initial consultation. Our Stamford firm handles automobile accident cases on a contingency fee basis. Hablamos español.


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