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Our Connecticut Attorneys Represent Bikers Injured in Bicycle Accidents

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Under Connecticut law, bicyclists traveling on roadways have many of the same rights and responsibilities as motorists. Drivers who do not take the same precautions with bicyclists as they would with other vehicles can be held responsible for the harm they cause.

The Pickel Law Firm, LLC is committed to keeping bikers and pedestrians safe from car accidents on Connecticut’s roadways. Drawing on our more than 65 years of experience, our personal injury lawyers pursue maximum compensation for the injuries you suffer in a biking traffic accident.

Bikers remain at risk of serious accidents

Bikers who are hit by automobiles face potentially debilitating or deadly injuries, such as brain damage, spinal cord injuries, fractures and road rash. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that 618 cyclists were killed in the United States in automobile accidents in 2010 (the last year for which statistics are available). That same year, 32,885 bikers were injured in traffic crashes. Although the numbers have declined since 2005 — when 43,510 bikers were injured, 786 of them fatally — these rates of injuries and deaths highlight cyclists’ continued exposure to serious risks.

Preventing bicycle crashes

Many bicycle accidents are preventable if bikers and motorists use caution and the government departments responsible for road upkeep adequately perform their jobs. You can protect yourself from car crashes by donning bright clothes, using lights and reflectors at night, obeying traffic rules and wearing a helmet. Motorists can prevent biking accidents by:

  • Not passing bikers too closely
  • Giving bikers the right of way as required by CT traffic laws
  • Signaling turns and lane changes
  • Watching for bicyclists before turning or changing lanes
  • Avoiding distractions, such as texting or talking on handheld phones

Our city and county governments can create safer biking conditions by providing sufficient bike lanes, repairing potholes, increasing nighttime illumination and clearing street debris.

Consult with our attorneys about recovering compensation in your bicycle traffic accident in Connecticut

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